More about office forms... 3 ways 4U!

1. Using our web-based forms to prepare for you first office visit.


We've put up the forms that we use to get you started in our practice.


You can identify each on of these by the word "form" in it's title.


Simply print these out at home and fill them out at your leisure.


Then bring them in with you when you report for your visit


And that's it! You'll save time in preparing for your first visit and help us to be more efficient in our use of your time.


2. Using our Patient Portal to prepare for you first office visit.


We have a secure website or "Patient Portal" that you can use to enter your information so that it goes directly into our electronic medical record.


Our electronic medical record has a patient interaction feature called a "Patient Portal".


This is a secure website that allows you to complete some forms, such as medical history, and allows you communicate with our staff. It also has a handy feature of automatically sending you and e-mail reminder before office visits with Dr. Baker (after your first visit).


The Patient Portal is secure, much like the websites that banks have for their customers to do on-line banking.


Using the Patient Portal is easy. Just ask our staff about this when you schedule your appointment, and you will be given a user name and temporary password (which you will reset to your preference the fist time that you sign in) so that you can complete some of the information on-line. The information you input will go directly into our electronic medical record. After consultation with you, our staff can modify it for accuracy in case you're not sure of something.


3. Completing forms at our office.


We also have forms in our office available for you.


Of course, we will have the forms available for you at our office. If you would like to stop by before your visit and pick up the forms to complete at home, or just complete the forms in our reception area before your appointment, that works, too.


Please remember to bring a photo ID and your insurance card, if applicable, when you come in for your appointment, regardless of which method you use to complete our forms.


Thank you!