What we treat 

The knee is the largest joint in the body and one of the most easily injured. Our dedicated surgeon stays current with the latest techniques including therapy, injections, arthroscopy, cartilage repair, or joint replacement. Knee pain can limit your lifestyle. Some people limp along and suffer when they could be enjoying their lives, instead of rubbing their knee. To help keep you active, come see our doctor.

Hand, wrist, and forearm. The hand is a very complex and delicate structure. Below the elbow a multitude of problems can occur, including nerve problems, tendon entrapment and irritation, ligament tears, fractures, and arthritis. Treatment requires careful analysis and a well thought our treatment plan. You can feel confident that you will get this care here.

Fractures (broken bones). The skeleton is made to bear the load of all our activities. Proper healing of bones, especially around joints, is crucial for return to normal function. Dr. Baker trained in some of the busiest trauma centers in Texas, and is well experienced in fracture care. He also realizes that recovery doesn't just end with healing of the bone and will continue to guide you through the rehabilitation phase to help you truly recover from your injury.

Foot and Ankle pain is common disorder. Almost 80% of people experience foot pain in their lives. Our doctor is skilled at treating ankle and foot problems.

Sports Medicine. Whether you a dedicated athlete or weekend warrior, we'll help you to regain an active lifestyle and to compete in your sport at the highest level possible. When you injured playing football, running track at school, or in dance class, you should be treated like a pro and at LSO you will be.

Pediatric (children's) Orthopedics. Dr. Baker has extensive experience in treatment of disorders for children and adolescents. You can get excellent care close to home without haveing to spend an hour or more on the road.

A useful elbow is essential for upper extremity function. Some conditions are treated with non-surgical techniqes and others require surgical intervention. Our doctor will give you the correct care.

Your hip joint bears all of your body weight with every step and sometimes problems occur. Dr. Baker is experienced in treating disorders of the hip.

The shoulder is the largest joint in the upper extremity and the most complicated. Shoulder pain is a common problem that can disable effective use of the whole arm. Fortunately, Dr. Baker is an expert in the treatment of shoulder disorders, whether it is bursitis, tendinits, rotator cuff tear or arthritis. Using both operative and non-operative treatment, we will thoughtfully apply state of the art techniques to help you get your shoulder working well again.

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